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Enlightened Entrepreneurship – Deliberately or indirectly?

Updated: Feb 25

Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Deliberately or indirectly?

Enlightened Entrepreneurs are business owners and managers who lead their business to success while respecting their social responsibilities to employees and customers, business associates and suppliers, their communities, and the planet. But do they contribute to a better world deliberately or indirectly?

I would argue that every business is a social enterprise because it is embedded in the surrounding society and natural world. It's activities will necessarily have an impact on both. But Adam Smith, the original promoter of capitalism and free markets, analyzed the impacts of business on society and concluded that the positive effects are more likely to occur indirectly, when businesses focus on achieving commercial success, than when businesses try to intervene directly by delivering social services for a profit.

Based on your own experience with public institutions and private ventures delivering social services you may agree.

But what about your own business? Are you able to manage a balanced approach to both social issues and business challenges and lead your business to success? Join the elite among modern managers and business owners by meeting those criteria for Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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