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Enduring another pandemic year-end

Looking back, planning ahead. 

Enduring another pandemic year-end

We should be getting better at this by now.

The pandemic environment and public health rules have changed everything we do, but sound principles and processes still apply. The year-end process hasn’t changed. We should still take time to look back and plan ahead. But let’s try to do it better next year. After almost two years of the pandemic and all its associated challenges, surely we’ve learned some important lessons.

Who to blame? Who to punish?  

In looking back, let’s spend less time looking for explanations and trying to figure out who to blame and who to punish. The media and angry activists are already giving too much time, energy and attention to that unconstructive exercise. Let’s try to accept where we are now and start looking at ways to get to a better place. Let’s celebrate our successes instead of endlessly apologizing for our failures and attacking those we’ve decided are at fault.

Looking for heroes, not villains

It starts with finding the facts, then making a well-reasoned case for solutions or a better approach to the problem. Let’s listen to the experts and ignore the celebrity influencers. Let’s look for the heroes who made a difference and moved us forward. And ignore the villains who are trying to hold us back.

Keep doing what works and we’ll have a better year soon.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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