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Elvis is No. 1

Here is an inspiring fact about Elvis. Among dead celebrities he is still number one in annual income. More then thirty years after his death in 1976, he is still earning in excess of $50 million a year! (OK, he's not earning it, his heirs and successors are.)

An impressive example of building a business model that ensures recurring income long after the initial work is delivered. It works for recording artists, authors and others that receive continuing royalties or sell continuity programs, memberships, subscriptions. Some of the highest earning consultants, advisors and coaches are the ones that are smart enough to sell their services with a percentage override on future sales revenue or cost savings.

Is there an opportunity that you're missing in your business? After selling the product or service are you selling the add-on warranty support or technical service?

Wouldn't your kids be pleased to know they'll still be getting cheques from you long after you're gone?

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