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Constructive, not criticism

Constructive, not criticism

Please, no useless commentary.

“Whoa, that didn’t work out as planned.”

Thanks, but I already knew that.

If you are going to comment on my performance, please take the time to suggest something helpful. Don’t just pile on with more useless criticism. All that does is kill the enthusiasm to try again.

Every performance review will be more constructive if it starts with the positive. “The packaging looks good.” “The price is very competitive.” “Well, at least nobody died.”

Followed by, “and it would be even better, if….”

Not followed by, “but you really screwed up with….”

Decide before you speak: Is this a complaint, a useless observation, or a constructive suggestion?

If you do it yourself, then you can expect the same from your critics. If they still don’t get it, I find it helpful to conclude with, “Thank you for your input, please don’t take it personally if I choose to ignore it.”

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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