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Coach, Critic or Cheerleader?

Coach, Critic or Cheerleader?

You get to chose     

It doesn’t matter whether you’re giving or receiving. Which are you going to be, and which do you need, right now? Coach, Critic or Cheerleader? Choose one.

It’s an important distinction and a choice of role has to be made. In every relationship: manager & employee, coach & player, teacher & student, partner & parent. Do you need a coach explaining how to do it? Or do you need a critic explaining how to do it better?  Or do you need a cheerleader encouraging you to do more of the same?

It’s easy to be a critic – no prior knowledge or experience is required. Just have an opinion and be willing to share it.

It’s important to be a cheerleader – pay attention, be impressed, and share your

enthusiasm and encouragement.

It’s hard to be a coach – you absolutely must have knowledge and experience, combined with empathy and skill in communication. Don’t be swayed by the flattery of being asked for advice or assistance, if you’re not qualified to coach, admit it. Or agree to be a critic, or cheerleader, only.

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, Your Uncle Ralph

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