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Character still matters. Or does it?  

Updated: Feb 25

Character still matters

Or does it?  

Leadership is not just about having a vision, a strategy, and a plan. It’s also about showing the way, leading by example, and demonstrating the attitudes and behaviour that are expected of other contributors to the success of the team or the organisation.

In the process, leaders reveal the qualities of their character and the guiding principles that are important to them. They cannot hide whether they are driven by their ambition to succeed in a competitive environment and create value for society or they are driven by a ruthless desire for wealth, power and influence. Their character is easily perceived, whether they are thoughtful, compassionate, wise, respectful of others and responsible to the community and the planet, or they are ruthless, reckless, irresponsible and uncaring of the consequences for people and the planet in their determination to advance their personal interests.

Remarkably, both types of leaders attract a following – associates and employees, clients and customers, admirers, friends and followers. And they both have a multiplying effect as their leadership style, guiding principles, and behaviour are imitated outside the organisation.

Maybe character doesn’t matter? Maybe any style of leadership is acceptable if the desired performance and results are achieved?

The autocratic dictator who succeeds by bluff, bullshit, and bullying seems to be very popular with those who have decided that getting what they want justifies any behaviour to achieve it. Leaders who are less arrogant, less aggressive, and seek to advance progress and performance through persuasion, negotiation, compromise and collaboration are having more difficulty convincing their followers to be patient and understanding.

But leaders of good character build better teams, achieve more sustainable progress for the organisation, and contribute greater long-term value to society.

Who do you choose to follow? What kind of leader do you choose to be?


Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.


Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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