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Breakfast Strategies

Breakfast Strategies

More than 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee, toast & jam.

I have been working to establish a new family tradition of big boys’ breakfast on Sundays for grandpa, sons and grandsons. The variety of breakfast spots has been a useful lesson in strategic positioning.

The specialty breakfast restaurant is a well-established concept, especially in Montréal, starting with Chez Cora, and is now a very competitive market with lots of attractive choices. How do they all survive?

Here’s what we’ve learned, so far.

First: Accept the business model where it’s clearly working. Breakfast and lunch only, located in a high traffic area for large volume and fast turnover in a few working hours. Appeal to the most likely prospects, business people and professionals, retirees, dining alone or using the spot for business, meetings and social groups.

Second: Be distinctive. Make choices on the menu, pricing, quality and quantity, design and décor, staffing, uniforms, style and personality. Be consistent in all of those choices to reinforce the strategic positioning.

Choose from the MacDonald’s and Tim Horton’s style of limited low-budget choices, fast and cheap. Or consider more variety, larger selections, larger portions, more creative menu items, gourmand versus gourmet, extravagant versus exotic, home-style versus chic. Ensure high quality food and friendly, efficient service.

It’s seems to be a simple formula for success: make good strategic choices and be consistent in execution of the strategy. It works for more than restaurants.

The research continues.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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