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Brand Management.  Needs a cult leader?  

Brand Management - Needs a cult leader?   

Some brands seem to create a cult-like following of loyal customers, fans and supporters. I’m thinking of Apple, Tesla, Nike, Rolex, Porsche, and Amazon or Walmart, (you may be thinking of others) and wondering how they got there. Do you need to have an obsessive, domineering, cult-like leader in the style of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? Or do you just need to have a business that is obsessed with delivering what customers expect from them?

How can the small business owner accomplish similar results in building a cult-like following?

You may remember an old-fashioned neighbourhood retailer or shoe repair shop who had posted a sign outside that read, “We deliver High Quality, Fast Service, and Low Prices. Choose any Two.”

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace with influential, well-informed and extremely demanding customers, it is probably better to be absolutely focused and obsessed with only one of those deliverables – Quality, Service, or Price. It is unlikely that you can be exceptional at more than one. If you are truly outstanding at just one of the three, then loyal, dedicated customers may be willing to be patient and forgiving if the other two are less than the best. They will accept some deficiencies and disappointments, if you consistently meet their expectations on the one thing you are famous for delivering – Quality, Service or Price.

Of course, the list of choices today for what you choose to obsess over, and sweat over every detail, and demand that every employee is dedicated to the same mission, vision and values, is now much longer than the old-fashioned threesome of quality, price and delivery. Now you may generate cult-like followers by your exceptional reputation for innovation, design, personalization, reliability, customer service and technical support, ease of use, application of effective technologies, or your unique concept applied to familiar products or services. You have many opportunities to distinguish yourself and

generate a cult-like following.

Just don’t forget the part about providing obsessive, cult-like leadership.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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