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Boston Pizza demonstrates Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Thank you for your support during pandemic protocols

Boston Pizza demonstrates Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Recently tested over a pizza and a glass of wine, Boston Pizza restaurant staff showed exceptional empathy and understanding of how to be a socially responsible business and build loyal customer relationships.

It started with a decision to try patio dining at a Boston Pizza restaurant on Montreal’s South Shore commercial strip after a pleasant drive in the countryside. We observed all the cautious protocols of wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and sitting far from other guests before we ordered. Wait staff were appropriately masked and respectful.

Then shock and dismay – there was leftover lipstick still on the wine glass! Not appreciated anytime, but especially disturbing during pandemic paranoia and our hypersensitivity to any deficiencies in cleanliness and sanitation meant to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. The wait staff immediately understood our alarm and three of them came individually to our table to personally apologize and reassure us that they were very aware of the concerns and they were doing absolutely everything possible to keep customers safe and comfortable.  They insisted on cancelling the full $43.00 cost of the meal.

We were grateful and impressed with their immediate personal attention to customer care.  They made us feel comfortable again and cemented our loyalty to Boston Pizza. The most remarkable lessons for entrepreneurs?  Delegate decisions to front-line staff and let them make it personal. The character they demonstrate reflects your corporate personality, be sure it’s what you want it to be.

All business management will be tested during these challenging times, but good management will be rewarded by the support of loyal long-term customers. It is the essence of Enlightened Entrepreneurship – building a sustainable business based on loyal, long-term profitable customer relationships while recognizing and respecting social responsibilities to all employees, customers, business partners, the local community, society and the planet.

Are you an Enlightened Entrepreneur?

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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