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Be Better. Do Better. Every day.

Be Better. Do Better.

Every day

Once a year is not enough

It’s the start of a new year and we’re all expected to have prepared our New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 and be working diligently on them now. What’s the plan, the goals and objectives? How are we going to be better and do better this year?

The process of looking back to review our performance and planning ahead to refine our plans is a good one, but it should be done every day. Once a year is not enough.

My theme, as your Uncle Ralph, and the motto of is to Be Better and Do Better, every day. Have a purpose and have a plan. Review and revise it every day – How are we doing? How have we done? What do we need to do differently? What’s working that we need to do more of and even better?

Continuous improvement is not a new concept, but it is worth noting the two key words.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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