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Back to Normal. Are we there yet? 

Are we there yet?

Back to Normal

(This article is based on ideas in Uncle Ralph's DON'T DO IT THE HARD WAY & The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans, 2020 Editions

The surrounding political drama and pandemic crisis continue to preoccupy us, but we do expect that life and business will return to normal later this year.  Not the old normal we are missing so badly, but the new post-Trump, post-pandemic normal.

Things have changed, permanently. Like post-9/11, we have new threats to our health and security and new ways of managing the risks and preventing further damage to our way of life.

So what’s changed and what have we learned?

  1. A new awareness of our shared responsibility to take care of each other. And the need to change the behaviour of those who disagree because of ignorance, fear, selfishness, anger or ideology.

  2. A heightened appreciation of the importance to our health and welfare of maintaining close personal relationships with friends and family and of actively supporting our networks of friends and neighbours, associates and colleagues.

  3. A better understanding of the need to tell the truth; to be a critical and skeptical listener; and, to engage in civil discussion of ideas and issues with those outside our usual circle of friends and fellow travelers.

What can we really expect of the new normal?

  1. Innovative, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs continuing to respond with better solutions.

  2. Increasing adoption of the virtual world, new technologies and digital, online services in all areas of our lives; from work and recreation to education and entertainment.

  3. Better regulation and oversight of the technology giants who dominate social media and control our access to, and sharing of, information both public and personal.

  4. Better choices made by socially aware customers and consumers to support businesses, products and services that meet responsible, ethical and moral standards to protect people and the planet.

Can we be hopeful and optimistic?

Should we worry about the looney, left-wing radical socialists who want the government to take control? No.  Will the radical right-wing militant conservatives succeed in taking over our government? No.

Can we count on intelligent, caring and compassionate, rational human behaviour that allows all of us to be better and do better together? Yes.

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, Your Uncle Ralph

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