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Artificial Intelligence? It’s not that smart. Use it responsibly.

Artificial Intelligence? 

It’s not that smart

All the business buzz these days is about AI – Artificial Intelligence. It seems everybody’s using it or worrying about how other people are using it. Will we lose control of it? Will it replace human intelligence? Could it take control of us?

Let’s not get carried away with nightmares of the coming apocalypse.

AI is not human intelligence, it's designed to follow rules of logical analysis to arrive at rational conclusions, without being influenced by human emotions, morality, compassion, ethics or a sense of social responsibility. Remember, it’s simply the rapid evolution of what used to be called data processing. Powerful computers have now become so fast at processing astonishing amounts of digital data accessible though world-wide internet connections that it appears to be exceptionally intelligent. The computers and algorithms now know more in milliseconds than any single human being or any competent team of experts could know in a lifetime of research.  But computers are not human.

AI is not even that smart. Have you accepted all the auto-correct suggestions in your text

messages? Or the grammar and spell-check warnings in your writing? Voice recognition is so incompetent that my GPS recently gave me directions to my daughter in Montreal at an address 4900 kilometers away in Mexico City.

AI is a tool created by humans to be used by humans. That’s where the problem lies. Like every powerful tool we’ve ever invented, it may be used inappropriately, even dangerously, by humans. “That electric drill just attacked my hand!” “The psycho killer went on a rampage with a chain saw!” “We need to ban power tools!” Banning the tool is not the problem. It’s the unintelligent humans who are the problem. Sometimes they’re just careless, or irresponsible. Sometimes they’re evil and have evil intent.

So we do need to drink, drive, and use power tools, including artificial intelligence, responsibly. Be aware, be cautious, be responsible.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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