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Are you a storyteller? 

Are you a storyteller? 

Do you use stories to engage, communicate, sell or teach?  

I shared my own Storytelling Journey from Entrepreneur to Author-preneur with a SPOTLIGHT Presentation at Staples/Bureau-en Gros on Nov 20th.   

My Storytelling Journey from Entrepreneur to Author-preneur

You can review the PowerPoint of the presentation. Click here: My Storytelling Journey

My experience has been that storytelling is a very powerful communication technique to make your message appealing, to hold the listener's or reader's attention and to make the message more memorable.

I've used storytelling as an entrepreneur, business leader, executive, consultant, coach and cheerleader for entrepreneurs. I have now continued my storytelling journey as an author with two business books and three novels published over the last five years.

Let's share the stories. 

In the SPOTLIGHT Presentation I shared the lessons learned along the winding road from Entrepreneur to Author-preneur. You can review the PowerPoint for an outline of the presentation.

If you have any questions or comments to share, please contact me.

It would be my pleasure to follow-up and share stories. I still think it's the best way to learn.

Thank you for your interest,

Del Chatterson

For my crime fiction novels with an entrepreneur as hero visit:

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