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Apparently I’m an APE!

Before you agree too quickly, let me explain the acronym APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, "How to publish a Book," is the title of an excellent book by Guy Kawasaki.

I'm rea

ding it carefully and using it as my primary reference guide to deal with all the business issues related to publishing a book. It turns out writing one is the easy part. Hundreds of thousands of new authors get one out every year.   The hard part is getting it published, then marketing it.

This book helps with the publishing and marketing part.  A very comprehensive book by Kawasaki, who has already proven he knows what he's talking about by having a dozen successful books on the market, and Shawn Welch who is the technical expert. I recommend it.


And I'm discovering that the writing part is also only part of the appeal in getting a book published. The marketing and sales side appeals to my competitive entrepreneurial spirit.  So apparently I do qualify as an APE.

And the next book is on it's way to the publisher.  Now back to selling the first one.  Wanna buy a book?

In Canada go to  or Indigo/

In the US go to

Then let me know what you think.  If you like it, please tell everybody!

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