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Whose business is it anyway?

Whose business is it anyway?

All these people want a piece of me

You thought you were the owner of the business and did not have to share with anyone else? Sorry, that’s not how it works.

Your business is essentially an economic entity in the social order, but you cannot ignore all the implications for society at large and the expectations of all the other stakeholders who are not shareholders.

Here’s the list: employees, customers, suppliers, and the bank; the landlord, the city, the province or state and federal governments; industry and professional associations, regulatory and environmental authorities. Essentially everyone you work with expects to be paid their fair share and for you to take care of them, their families, the community and the planet.

And of course your friends and family are also counting on you to do well, so you can treat them well. Especially if you still owe them some of that love money that got you started.

Such is life in the real world. Work hard, do well and prosper, but remember your obligations as an enlightened entrepreneur,

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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