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Tiger lessons – Business is like Golf

Tiger lessons – Business is like Golf

Coming back as a contender

Tiger Woods is back.

Playing in the Bahamas against the top 32 golfers in the world, he clearly belongs there again, hopefully for the 2018 season. Age 42, after four back surgeries and he has not played more than two tournaments in almost three years.

How does he do it?

Tiger back - 2017 -5

What are the lessons for your business?

Here’s my take-away list:

  1. Don’t try to compete against the best in the world until you’re ready. Physically and mentally.

  2. Prepare and practice. Test and improve. Practice some more. Get as good as you can be. Accept that you may have been better in the past. Make adjustments.

  3.  Recognize that preparation and practice are never the same as real world competition. Be ready for unexpected challenges.

  4.  Expect more stress, wear and tear than you remember.

  5.  Don’t be distracted by inconsistent performance in the early going, raise your

expectations as the results improve.

Tiger made it look easy, this time around. It never is.

P.S. A brief addendum based on my Old-Timers Hockey experience today: Update your tools and equipment to the latest technology. (I finally invested in a new high-tech hockey stick and the difference was HUGE – better stickhandling, passing and fore-checking and scored on the first shot.) Tiger is still wearing Nike clothes, hat and shoes, but is now playing with Titleist clubs and Bridgestone balls.

Remember: Business is like golf.

Be better, do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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