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Spring in Montreal

Maybe not that unusual for Canadians, but we've gone from four inches of wet snow on Monday morning to warm and sunny today with a forecast of 23C on the weekend. Winter to summer in less than a week? Welcome to Montreal in 2007.

No this is not another rant about global warming. Enough is being said, blogged or otherwise, about that subject without my personal contribution. This is more about recognizing what is unique and worth appreciating about our hometown.

Just back from a trip to Spain where the historic sites go back almost 3000 years to 800BC when the Phonecians first built sophisticated structures at Cadiz, followed by the Romans then the Moors and the Spanish Catholics, all on the same site. Makes our upcoming 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City seem fairly recent. But as a native of south-eastern BC where a 40 year old log cabin has historical significance it is still fascinating to me. And they're still here. I had lunch yesterday with a M. Leduc who is a 13th generation Quebecer.

And I thought I was a real Canadian as a third generation native. But I do feel lucky to be able to enjoy the special charms and features of two home towns - Kimberley, BC and Montreal, Quebec.

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