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Humble Excellence – It works for Entrepreneurs too.

The newest Masters Champion, Jordan Speith, set a few golf records and is already being compared to Tiger Woods and setting up to challenge Rory McIlroy for World No. 1.

But what was most impressive was his quiet and humble confidence under the brightest spotlight and highest pressure against the best golfers on the planet.  This kid can play and does it with humility and polite respect for the game, the commentators and the fans.  Not the brash, arrogant or aloof young Texan we might expect.  Not over coached on PR and political correctness, he is completely genuine and open about himself and his game.

I have often suggested that the worst combination of characteristics to kill successful performance is the mix of arrogance and incompetence.  Jordan Speith is the exact

opposite. Clearly a superb golfer who has mastered the whole game - the techniques, the strategy and the mental strength - and he remains calmly confident and humble about it all.

A great example for entrepreneurs.  No flash and self-promotion, just quiet, confidence and gentlemanly, respectful conduct. It works in business too.

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