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Another New Year! So far so good?  

Another New Year! 

So far so good?  

Looking back on 2023, my comments from previous years seem to remain true.

Last year was bad everywhere and the New Year will be worse: more wars and terrorist attacks, continuing political stupidity, extreme weather and natural disasters, and challenging economic conditions in every industry.

Nevertheless, we can remain optimistic and hopeful. In spite of the continuing disasters around the world, most of us in developed economies are doing remarkably well. As we start the New Year, so far so good, right? Staying healthy, prosperous and peaceful. Getting back to enjoying the good life. It may seem selfish and irresponsible, but there's no need to feel guilty, if we're doing what we can to support those working to lead us toward a better world and we're not ignoring the need for their efforts.

Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Now let's get back to work on what we'd like to accomplish for ourselves, our

families and our businesses. Hope and optimism combined with determination and hard work will get us through this to better times. Let's be ready for it.

Let's renew our purpose and our plans based on a clear statement of our mission, vision and values. Let's invest the time and effort to build a solid infrastructure and competent committed teams working with reliable business partners to accomplish our long-term goals.

It sounds simple, I know it's never easy. Happy New Year!

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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