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Annoying disturbances

Annoying disturbances

To Prevent, Avoid or Ignore

A pleasant walk in the sunshine this morning was interrupted first by the dive-bombing red-winged blackbirds along the riverside, then by the swarms of annoying mosquitoes in the woods.

Back at the office it may continue. The noisy air-conditioning, the neighbour listening to the ranting on talk radio, or the constant interruptions by telemarketers. You only have three choices in dealing with annoying disturbances: Prevent. Avoid. Ignore.

They may not all be available. They easiest and most obvious reaction may not be the best long term solution. Cursing and swatting at the blackbirds and mosquitoes didn't seem to help.

But if your productivity, performance or enjoyment are being adversely affected, it's worth recognizing that ignoring the annoying disturbance is not working. Try the prevent or avoid solution.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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